"Love is in the Air" Results and Judge's Feedback

The results are in:

First: Kathleen Simon-McDonald "The Street Artists" Watercolor.

Second: Richard Stewart "Cafe Brasilero" Photograph. 

Third: Marie Rice "Vanity I" Oil. 

Honorable Mentions: 

Joose Hadley "Her Beau" Mixed Media. 

Kathy Durdin "Annie I'm still here" Watercolor. 

Leslie Jennings "Victoria" Fiber. 

“Love is in the Air” Judge’s Statement/Feedback:

“Obvious pairs – make you think love. Children playing, couples dining, a heart or an older woman assuring her mate she is still in the next room – quite literally or figuratively. Wonderful variety of interpretation – all showing superb mastery of composition and technical skill.”

1st Place: composition, color, strong value changes to keep focus where you suggest – two kids in the middle of a street market playing with chalk.

2nd Place: depth - sentimental - hard and soft edges – silent communication – may be tired or bored – but it speaks volumes without words.

3rd Place: lights and dark – strong value changes – mastery of fabrics, soft and pearls hard. Reflections = fond memories of days gone by. Sunday morning conviction.

Honorable mentions:

“Her Beau”: hard and soft – loose watery undefined up against stark black and white ink – subservient pose of male probably apologizing to his mother for the choice of his girlfriend – yin and yang.

“Ankie…” Bright ethereal lighting – Is she real or remembered? Is she calling from the present or the past? Reassuring soft smile – gentle gaze – speaks volumes to those that may be a caregiver for Alzheimer’s

“Victoria” Well defined and beautifully executed. Love the attention to shading and keeping the quilt stitch simple – not too much – not too little – but just right.

(Diane Simon)

Congratulations to our winners!