Rembrandt 2018 Reception and Results

Rembrandt Children's Show was a huge success! Rembrandt Show had a total of 152 pieces of artwork and 78 artists. Reception shots on our Facebook page. It was a full house!


Judges’ Statements

"I was amazed by the quality of technical skill as well as creativity and innovation of entrants. Very difficult show to judge. All should be proud of their work."
-- Caroll Vick, Director of Education, Arts Council of Hillsborough County

"I am inspired by the level of creativity and technical skill across all the ages. The children in this show have taught me a thing or two in art and everyone should be proud of the work they have done!"
-- Cynthia Lizardi, Director of Exhibitions, Tampa Regional Artists


Award Winners

Best of Show
Abhiram Ganapathiraju "I Can Jump Higher" Pen & Ink, Age 11

Group Ages 5-6 
First Haydon Swanson "Colorful Elephant Tissue" Collage
Second Violet Saladino The Adventures of Kitty Pirate Pencil
Third Angelina Rivera Princess of the Land Gel pen & Colored Pencil
Honorable Mention Shanvi Kodukula Snowman Acrylic

Group Ages 7-8
First Blake Spies "Friends" Acrylic
Second Ethan Bohne "Mr. Rambunctious" Collage
Third Sophie Brugal "Sparkly Sea" Mixed Collage
Honorable Mentions
Micah Goldstein "The Painting of Doom" Marker & String
Presley Bromberg "Dirt Flying Baseball" Oil Pastel
Lia Bensimon "Galaxy" Pastel

Age Group 9-10
Shaunak Valame "Landscape" Acrylic
Second Anirudh Vijayaraman "Boat" Pencil
Third Maddy Flitman "One Handed Donut & Burger" Clay
Honorable Mentions
Evelyn Saladino "The Dead End Colored" Pencil
Adrushya Iye "Fishy" Watercolor
Gaayatri Borra "Landscape" Acrylic

Group Ages 11-12
First Pranav Tammineedi "Nature" Watercolor
Second Rachel Galpin "Celestial Wings" Watercolor
Third Abhilasha Tammineedi "Colorful Dreams" Colored Pencil
Honorable Mentions
Kennedy Bahta "Nascent" Acrylic
Hannah Flitman "Broken Bubblez" Clay
Jacob Kamis "The Art" Acrylic
Ashrith Kolli "Sunset" Acrylic
Esteban Lopez "Shadow in a Hole" Photo
Johnny Schembri "Nature's Yellow Neon" Photo

Age Group 13-14
First Sophia Garcia "Seaside" Acrylic
Second Elizabeth Dhanaraj "Spring Day" Pencil
Third Lauren Meyer "Rough Seas" Acrylic
Honorable Mentions
Nathyn Grae "Catharsis" Ink
Michaela Brown "Afghan Girl" Pencil