Fin, Fur and Feathers Judging results

Fin, Fur and Feathers is our annual animal kingdom themed show. This year it was judged by Clearwater artist Lorraine Ulen. Lorraine is an award winning artist and is one of the founding members of Art Trysts, a working artist studio in Clearwater, FL that offers open studio, multi-day workshops and ongoing weekly classes. 

 “My world is a constant dance of color, light, texture, form, and the ever-shifting balance between them. My art explores that dance, that balance, and expresses the visceral connection I feel with each subject. It celebrates what I've found in each subject that compelled me to paint and invites the viewer to cut in on the dance..." 

Without further ado the winners....

All of Lorraine's feedback about the winners is with each image.

First Place: "Green Peafowl" by John Guiseppi (Colored Pencil)

Ewing’s painting takes some time to reveal itself. It is like a vague memory of a special moment, sketched in faintly, and we can really feel the artist searching for both the image and her expression. Ewing is not afraid to take risks and, like our minds or like great poetry, her piece is at once both unclear and very clear. This is abstract painting at its best: mysterious, risky, selective, and beautiful.

"This is a well-executed, elegant piece that cleverly and skillfully uses a limited palette and value range. It has an old-world feel, and evokes  thoughts of beautifully detailed tapestries."


2nd Place: "Great Blue Close Up" by Donna Morrison (Watercolor)

2nd_Donna Morrison_Great Blue Close Up_WC.jpg

"This watercolor piece has amazing energy and depicts the raw power of the bird through the use of both bold color and confident strokes."


Third Place: "The Colonel-Pride of Ybor" by Lynn Rattray (Oil)

3rd_Lynn Rattay_The Colonel-Pride of Ybor_Oil.jpg

"I was initially drawn to the brightly colored face and comb of this rooster, but the many colors of white in the feathers are what sold this piece. The artist has kept a good balance between the brights and whites through the use of the many pops of color in the background and grasses."

Honorable Mentions

"Blue Eyed Muse" by Rick Waldbart (Metal Sculpture)

HM_Rick-Waldbart_Blue-eyed Muse_Metal-Sculpture.jpg

"An incredibly creative use of found materials and impressive artistic vision."

"Crowned Heads" by Ralph Lopez (Watercolor)


"The artist uses delicate washes and suggestions of detail in the background to allow the cranes to be the stars. I was impressed by the skilled application of mixed black and the way the artist moved it subtly from cool hues to warm."

"Circle B Bar Reserve" by Geoff Poole (Photograph)

HM_Geoff-Poole_Circle B Bar Reserve-PH.jpg

"An exceptional capture! It takes a skilled photographer to capture a crisp action shot of this nature."

"Deep Ocean Octopus" by Joanna Karpay (Acrylic)

HM_Joanna Karpay_Deep Ocean Octopus_Acrylic.jpg

"Excellent use of design and color to evoke the natural movement of the octopus."

"Don Quixote" by Deb Biasetti (Watercolor)

HM_Deb Biasetti_Don Quixote_WC.jpg

"This is a delightful painting that uses color, perspective and fun techniques to infuse humor into the piece. It dares you not to smile!"