Local Art Call: Figure Drawing Exchange

The judge from our Faces and Figures Exhibition, Douglas Land is organizing a Figure Drawing exchange with artists in Tampa Bay to take place on Saturday March 17th at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg Florida. The only cost is the cost of your copies, please email him to get added to the list so you know how many copies you will need to make. Displayed are some example pages from their 2015 Figure Drawing Exchange (artist Cynthia Lizardi). There are  more details about the exchange below the image:

"Hello, and best wishes for the new year. We will be having our next figure model art copy exchange for 2018 on Saturday, March 17th. The exchange will be at noon at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg. Each artist, or a representative, will need to be present with all necessary copies properly collated and ready to exchange a few minutes after noon. Please allow about 1/2 hour. All exchanged copies will need to be taken after the exchange. We can not hold or store copies before or after the exchange. Additional information will be provided at a later date by email. This will include the total number of copies of each page for all participants, including extra copies for Eckerd and the Morean. The final day to register for the exchange is Saturday, February 24th at the Morean. Registration can be by sign up sheet at the Morean Arts Center or at Eckerd College during their open drawing workshops. This year you may also register by email to Douglas Land at the following email;  daland53@yahoo.com. Please include your name and email address as you would like it on the alphabetical index page. 

The number of pages a participant may include are even numbers of 2, 4, or 6 pages. Once again, they may be in color or black and white and designed as the artist wishes, and only on 8.5" x 11" paper. We only exchange copies, and all rights of use and representation of the images and art remains with the original artist. The cost of making copies for all participants in the exchange is that of the artist. Each participant may then bind the pages as they wish to create their own book. Please do not include images of others, and original text and words of the artist on the pages is fine. All art should be figure based on typical model poses and may be in any format or material. All art should be original and created only by the artist in the past year. Please do not include any art used in commercial purposes or not owned by the creating artist. Don't forget to have your signature on art submitted in the exchange.

The past year we have had two shows associated with the 2017 book exchange. The first was May 13 to July 1 at the Woodfield Fine Art Gallery in St. Petersburg. The second was at the Eckerd College Cobb Gallery from November 5 to December 8. These were both wonderful shows to participate in and we will see about additional gallery shows in 2018. The first figure show many of us may participate in is coming up at the Morean Arts Center very soon in January. Any suggestions or possible show ideas based on this book exchange this year may be sent to Douglas Land at the email noted earlier.

Each participant will receive a front cover, back cover, index page and forward or introduction page. The forward, or introduction page, may be a one page summary of our open model sessions and why we draw the figure. This could be a good opportunity for input and suggestions from others regarding figure art. I will create the index page, and we will be looking for volunteers to create and design the others individually and to provide copies for everyone. Please indicate when you register if you are interested in the front / back covers or forward. If there is sufficient interest, soon after February 14th there will be a drawing from the interested names to select artists for each of the book components. 

Thank you for your past interest and participation in our book exchange project. Should you have questions please do not hesitate to email me or to call at 727-643-2554.

Doug Land"