Rembrandt 2018 Reception and Results

Rembrandt Children's Show was a huge success! Rembrandt Show had a total of 152 pieces of artwork and 78 artists. Reception shots on our Facebook page. It was a full house!


Judges’ Statements

"I was amazed by the quality of technical skill as well as creativity and innovation of entrants. Very difficult show to judge. All should be proud of their work."
-- Caroll Vick, Director of Education, Arts Council of Hillsborough County

"I am inspired by the level of creativity and technical skill across all the ages. The children in this show have taught me a thing or two in art and everyone should be proud of the work they have done!"
-- Cynthia Lizardi, Director of Exhibitions, Tampa Regional Artists


Award Winners

Best of Show
Abhiram Ganapathiraju "I Can Jump Higher" Pen & Ink, Age 11

Group Ages 5-6 
First Haydon Swanson "Colorful Elephant Tissue" Collage
Second Violet Saladino The Adventures of Kitty Pirate Pencil
Third Angelina Rivera Princess of the Land Gel pen & Colored Pencil
Honorable Mention Shanvi Kodukula Snowman Acrylic

Group Ages 7-8
First Blake Spies "Friends" Acrylic
Second Ethan Bohne "Mr. Rambunctious" Collage
Third Sophie Brugal "Sparkly Sea" Mixed Collage
Honorable Mentions
Micah Goldstein "The Painting of Doom" Marker & String
Presley Bromberg "Dirt Flying Baseball" Oil Pastel
Lia Bensimon "Galaxy" Pastel

Age Group 9-10
Shaunak Valame "Landscape" Acrylic
Second Anirudh Vijayaraman "Boat" Pencil
Third Maddy Flitman "One Handed Donut & Burger" Clay
Honorable Mentions
Evelyn Saladino "The Dead End Colored" Pencil
Adrushya Iye "Fishy" Watercolor
Gaayatri Borra "Landscape" Acrylic

Group Ages 11-12
First Pranav Tammineedi "Nature" Watercolor
Second Rachel Galpin "Celestial Wings" Watercolor
Third Abhilasha Tammineedi "Colorful Dreams" Colored Pencil
Honorable Mentions
Kennedy Bahta "Nascent" Acrylic
Hannah Flitman "Broken Bubblez" Clay
Jacob Kamis "The Art" Acrylic
Ashrith Kolli "Sunset" Acrylic
Esteban Lopez "Shadow in a Hole" Photo
Johnny Schembri "Nature's Yellow Neon" Photo

Age Group 13-14
First Sophia Garcia "Seaside" Acrylic
Second Elizabeth Dhanaraj "Spring Day" Pencil
Third Lauren Meyer "Rough Seas" Acrylic
Honorable Mentions
Nathyn Grae "Catharsis" Ink
Michaela Brown "Afghan Girl" Pencil


"Love is in the Air" Results and Judge's Feedback

The results are in:

First: Kathleen Simon-McDonald "The Street Artists" Watercolor.

Second: Richard Stewart "Cafe Brasilero" Photograph. 

Third: Marie Rice "Vanity I" Oil. 

Honorable Mentions: 

Joose Hadley "Her Beau" Mixed Media. 

Kathy Durdin "Annie I'm still here" Watercolor. 

Leslie Jennings "Victoria" Fiber. 

“Love is in the Air” Judge’s Statement/Feedback:

“Obvious pairs – make you think love. Children playing, couples dining, a heart or an older woman assuring her mate she is still in the next room – quite literally or figuratively. Wonderful variety of interpretation – all showing superb mastery of composition and technical skill.”

1st Place: composition, color, strong value changes to keep focus where you suggest – two kids in the middle of a street market playing with chalk.

2nd Place: depth - sentimental - hard and soft edges – silent communication – may be tired or bored – but it speaks volumes without words.

3rd Place: lights and dark – strong value changes – mastery of fabrics, soft and pearls hard. Reflections = fond memories of days gone by. Sunday morning conviction.

Honorable mentions:

“Her Beau”: hard and soft – loose watery undefined up against stark black and white ink – subservient pose of male probably apologizing to his mother for the choice of his girlfriend – yin and yang.

“Ankie…” Bright ethereal lighting – Is she real or remembered? Is she calling from the present or the past? Reassuring soft smile – gentle gaze – speaks volumes to those that may be a caregiver for Alzheimer’s

“Victoria” Well defined and beautifully executed. Love the attention to shading and keeping the quilt stitch simple – not too much – not too little – but just right.

(Diane Simon)

Congratulations to our winners!

Local Art Call: Figure Drawing Exchange

The judge from our Faces and Figures Exhibition, Douglas Land is organizing a Figure Drawing exchange with artists in Tampa Bay to take place on Saturday March 17th at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg Florida. The only cost is the cost of your copies, please email him to get added to the list so you know how many copies you will need to make. Displayed are some example pages from their 2015 Figure Drawing Exchange (artist Cynthia Lizardi). There are  more details about the exchange below the image:

"Hello, and best wishes for the new year. We will be having our next figure model art copy exchange for 2018 on Saturday, March 17th. The exchange will be at noon at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg. Each artist, or a representative, will need to be present with all necessary copies properly collated and ready to exchange a few minutes after noon. Please allow about 1/2 hour. All exchanged copies will need to be taken after the exchange. We can not hold or store copies before or after the exchange. Additional information will be provided at a later date by email. This will include the total number of copies of each page for all participants, including extra copies for Eckerd and the Morean. The final day to register for the exchange is Saturday, February 24th at the Morean. Registration can be by sign up sheet at the Morean Arts Center or at Eckerd College during their open drawing workshops. This year you may also register by email to Douglas Land at the following email; Please include your name and email address as you would like it on the alphabetical index page. 

The number of pages a participant may include are even numbers of 2, 4, or 6 pages. Once again, they may be in color or black and white and designed as the artist wishes, and only on 8.5" x 11" paper. We only exchange copies, and all rights of use and representation of the images and art remains with the original artist. The cost of making copies for all participants in the exchange is that of the artist. Each participant may then bind the pages as they wish to create their own book. Please do not include images of others, and original text and words of the artist on the pages is fine. All art should be figure based on typical model poses and may be in any format or material. All art should be original and created only by the artist in the past year. Please do not include any art used in commercial purposes or not owned by the creating artist. Don't forget to have your signature on art submitted in the exchange.

The past year we have had two shows associated with the 2017 book exchange. The first was May 13 to July 1 at the Woodfield Fine Art Gallery in St. Petersburg. The second was at the Eckerd College Cobb Gallery from November 5 to December 8. These were both wonderful shows to participate in and we will see about additional gallery shows in 2018. The first figure show many of us may participate in is coming up at the Morean Arts Center very soon in January. Any suggestions or possible show ideas based on this book exchange this year may be sent to Douglas Land at the email noted earlier.

Each participant will receive a front cover, back cover, index page and forward or introduction page. The forward, or introduction page, may be a one page summary of our open model sessions and why we draw the figure. This could be a good opportunity for input and suggestions from others regarding figure art. I will create the index page, and we will be looking for volunteers to create and design the others individually and to provide copies for everyone. Please indicate when you register if you are interested in the front / back covers or forward. If there is sufficient interest, soon after February 14th there will be a drawing from the interested names to select artists for each of the book components. 

Thank you for your past interest and participation in our book exchange project. Should you have questions please do not hesitate to email me or to call at 727-643-2554.

Doug Land"

Faces and Figures 2018: Judging Results and Statement

This year's Faces and Figures Show displayed 79 entries for judge Douglas Land to select for awards. He chose two Merit Awards, three Honorable Mentions and a Third, Second and First Place Award from our many talented artists of all mediums. Doug is an artist who specializes in drawing and teaches classes and workshops throughout the Tampa Bay art centers, museums and universities including the Beach Art Center,  Tampa Museum of Art, and the University of South Florida. Not to mention he has also held workshops across the country. Doug has been a Courtroom Sketch Artist for Federal Court the past 5 years, with original court sketches in numerous collections throughout the United States. He is represented by Dazzio Art Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL. For more about Doug, please check out his website here

Here's what Doug had to say about the winners:

"Thank you for the opportunity to judge this excellent show. The 79 entries are well displayed and make an excellent overall impression in the gallery. As I first walked about to see the entire display, I enjoyed the variety and wonderful ways each artist approached creating portraits and figurative art. I then went about and spent time to chart each work on a layout of the room. This was a challenging show to judge as there are a large selection of very fine entries. After this I spent time to individually review and evaluate each work to determine 30 entries to do a more specific evaluation. After careful review I then had 16 finalists to score and to determine the eight award winners and their positions. I listed these finalists and then rated each in four categories with a numerical score from 1 as low to 5 as highest. The categories were overall impression, creativity, presentation and technical. I then determined the scores and confirmed the winners with my final review and evaluation. 

I will list the winners in reverse order from Merit Awards to First Place. The Merit Awards and Honorable Mentions are in no particular order. I will list the winners by entry number, artist name, title of piece, and media.

Merit Awards:

Entry number 45, Chelsea Fors, " Paris 1", digital photo. I liked the companion piece, but felt this was the stronger work. I was reminded of the black and white photographs of city street life by twentieth century photographers such as Fred Stein and Robert Doisneau. The strong diagonal pulls us in to the couple interacting with the lively pigeons. This contrasts nicely with the quiet and formal lighter background urban structures. For me, the darker wall and fence near the middle act as a solid separation from the present to the past. This makes for a nice contrast between the active and passive areas of this moment of relaxation of this couple.

Entry number 79, Brent Thorlton, "Jazz", oil. This painting is telling a story with both the environment and through the solid design. The floor boards draw us in, through a door, the kitchen, and another door. The first door also separates the young man from the key elements to the left side. I wonder what the man is writing, and does it have anything to do with jazz or the painting of the woman in the room? The cool grays and black and white of the kitchen allows much of the interest to remain in the warm colors of the foreground room. The word Jazz can represent a wide range of often lively musical expression, yet the image is very quiet and orderly in contrast. The frame also helps to create a bit of distance between the viewer and the world on the canvas.

Honorable Mention Awards:

Entry number 4, Donna Morrison, " Singing the Blues ", watercolor. This image jumps off the surface and really captures the moment well. The energy of the singer is seen initially at a distance, but up close it can be seen the watercolor is applied with care. This creates an interesting design  and the use of strong colors and development of a good range of values from light to dark give the work excellent depth. The bright background colors add excitement, and the use of the surrounding white areas also helps to keep the emphasis on the singer.

Entry number 32, Gina Stark, " Christopher ", graphite. The frame and mat really enhance this small and delicately drawn portrait. The drawing is a bit high key, but there is a sufficient range of values to show well this image of youth. There is excellent understanding of creating skin tines as well as drawing the hair. The features and expression are well done and shows the drawing ability of the artist. This allows the viewer to enjoy a well done traditional portrait. 

Entry number 13, Christina Petti, " Mask ", oil. The size of this painting helps in allowing the loose and flowing design to develop the image. I believe the lack of realism helps to separate us from a fairly dark and somewhat threatening moment. The selective use of colors help to define the female form, yet I seem to see the image of a dark hand to the left as well as part of a skull for the face. This can bring up questions of life and death which can go beyond just a figure painting. 

Third Place Award:

"Someday" by Joose Hadley

"Someday" by Joose Hadley

Entry number 62, Joose Hadley, " Someday ", oil. The colors and composition make this an uplifting and encouraging work. The young mans eyes looking up are not the traditional way to pose someone for a portrait. The light filled and wonderfully painted sky works well with the skin tones of the young man. This painting definitely shows the skill of the artist in creating unique and interesting realism. The vignette style helps to keep our focus on the facial features as we might wonder what the importance of the moment might be. 

Second Place:

"Walking in the Light" by Christina Pope (Photo in window-closeup of photo shown here)

"Walking in the Light" by Christina Pope (Photo in window-closeup of photo shown here)

Entry number 69, Christina Pope," Walking in the Light " , photo. I kept coming back to look at this work to examine the photo, the framing and the text. They all work very well together in creating a thoughtful and unique mixed media piece. On seeing the photo, I was reminded of the black and white 1946 image by W. Eugene Smith titled " The Walk to Paradise Garden." That image is of a young boy holding the hand of his sister on a walk in the woods. In contrast, this color image is of a person on a walk in the woods with their dog on a misty day. This is an image of friendship and comfort as the two explore the natural world around them, which may appeal to any viewer. 

First Place:

"Seaside" by Matt Ellrod (oil)

"Seaside" by Matt Ellrod (oil)

Entry number 28, Matt Ellrod, " Seaside ", oil. The large scale of the painting allows it to catch our attention as well as keep it. There is an excellent variation in textures between the water, the rocks, the sky and skin of the figure. The waves of the sea and the strong diagonal element also add some energy and movement to the otherwise quiet areas. The artist shows excellent understanding of the elements of art, composition and anatomy. The woman seems a part of the natural environment through the pose, but stands out due to the realism and color. This is a fine painting with the figure which can be appreciated in many ways."

Watercolor 2017 Judging Results

Heather Rippert, Tampa Watercolor Artist

Heather Rippert, Tampa Watercolor Artist

This year's Watercolor Show was judged by local watercolorist Heather Rippert. She was voted Best Local Visual Artist in Creative Loafing's 2017 Best of the Bay for 2017 and it was a pleasure to have her judge our show. Here's what she had to say about it and the winners she chose:

"It is a tremendous honor to have been selected to judge this varied collection of watercolors. While competition is not the purpose of art, no entries were without merit. Vibrant beauty, color, composition and skill are present in all the submissions. My personal choices for the award winners are based on both technical merit and emotional impact.

First: "Waiting on the Sale II" by Kathy Durdin

First: "Waiting on the Sale II" by Kathy Durdin

Kathy Durdin’s “Waiting for the Sale II” makes a powerful statement with her excellent use of color and technique that is simultaneously solid and malleable that jumped out to me for first prize.






Second: "The Gathering" by Lionel Sanchez

Second: "The Gathering" by Lionel Sanchez

“The Gathering” by Lionel Sanchez has a superb quality of light and perspective that made it an easy choice for second prize.




Third: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" by Patti Kiuber

Third: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" by Patti Kiuber

The dynamic composition and relaxed feeling of Patti Kiuber’s skillful “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” takes third prize.






Honorable Mention “Endearing Spirit” by Derry MacDonald is accurately titled, as the expression and feeling of this piece are both endearing and full of spirit.

Jody MacNeil’s “Dawn of Woodstock” use of vibrant color and light is balanced and playful.

Last but not least is Yuki Carthy’s “Seated Figure Study” is a joyful expression with excellent use of line, shading and pops with the used of violet."

Call to Artists: La Esperanza

La Esperanza Exhibit:
An Art Fund Raiser for San Jorge Children's Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico

La Esperanza logo.jpeg



We have all been impacted to some extent by the storms this hurricane season.  The destruction in parts of Florida, Texas and the islands has brought home what might have been here, but for a jog.  We all want to help those in need. TRA is creating an art related fundraiser for this December. La Esperanza Exhibit will be from December 3 through 17. We wanted to focus on children impacted by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, so proceeds will be donated to San Jorge Children’s Hospital in San Juan, PR.

Where, When and How? 

Where? Tampa Regional Artist’s Old Hyde Park Art Center, 705 W. Swann Ave., Tampa, FL

When? Receiving – Friday and Saturday, December 1 & 2, noon to 3 PM. Please pick up unsold work on Monday, December 18, noon to 3 PM or make arrangements with one of the contacts below. 

How? Come in with your ready to display artwork (and if required, pre-labeled or pre-tagged items) to the Old Hyde Park Art Center on one of the receiving days listed above, fill out some entry forms or an inventory sheet for us and you'll be good to go. (For more details see "Entry Requirements"). Artists will be asked to donate at least 50% of their proceeds to the benefit. We are not taking any entry fees or commissions on this fundraising exhibit. 


Entry Requirements

  • Artists can submit to more than one of the below categories. You can submit under the Hanged Art/Sculptures, browse bin items and other items, if you so choose just keep the category limits in mind.
  • Please fill out entry/inventory forms for all work submitted.
  • All items should be priced reasonably to sell so that we can raise money for the children's hospital (Think holiday shopping for a good cause!)
  • If you would like images of your work included in promotions online and offline, please submit jpegs of your work (before you frame them) to  

Thank you for supporting our efforts to help San Jorge Children's Hospital!

ENTRY FORMS (Hanging Artwork/Sculptures and Children's Art)

INVENTORY SHEETS (Browse Bin Items, Cards and Other Items)

Hanging Art and Sculptures

  • Identification: At receiving, each art work must have an entry form filled out for it to be placed on the back of the work.  Please send us the information from your entry forms so wall tags can be typed and printed prior to your arrival. This will help us receive and hang your work as efficiently as possible.
  • Limit of 2 works per artist
  • 2-D work must either be framed or finished on the sides (canvas only) and wired on the back so we can hang it, 3-D work will be displayed on a pedestal, table. If 3-D work is meant to be viewed on the wall, it must be wired for us to hang it.
  • Art on traditional substrate – canvas, paper, board, etc – limited to 40” in any direction
  • Art on reclaimed wood and plywood (or anything used to board up for a hurricane) and sculpture–limited to 36” in total – height/ width/ depth (see below for directions on how to get reclaimed wood)
  • Hanged Artwork/Sculptures can be from another artist other than yourself (i.e. a deceased loved one who was an artist that gifted you some work and you'd like to give it a new home, or if you are dropping off artwork for someone else.) Just please note the artist that created the work on the entry forms. Please contact us if you are uncertain!

Children's Art

  • Identification: each art work will have an entry form filled out for it to be placed on the back of the work. Please send us the information from your entry forms so wall tags can be typed and printed prior to your arrival. This will help us receive and hang your child's work as efficiently as possible.
  • Limit of 3 works per child artist
  • Sizing rules above apply

Browse Box Items and Cards

  • Identification: Prior to receiving, multiple prints or each set of cards should have a label with the artist's name, title of the work and the price. (This will help us match sold items to an inventory per artist). Upon receiving, an inventory sheet must be filled out for all browse bin items/cards per artist
  • Limit of 10 cards, prints in browse box per artist

Other items

  • Other items, such as scarves, ornaments, bookmarks, jewelry etc may also be submitted.  Please check with the information contacts listed below to make sure that your category of item may be included.
  • Identification: Prior to receiving, multiple "other items" should each have a label/tag with the artist's name, title of the work (or description of item) and the price. (This will help us match sold items to an inventory per artist). Upon receiving, an inventory sheet must be filled out for all of these items per artist.
  • If item is approved, limit is 5 of these items per artist

Obtaining Plywood and Reclaimed Wood

You are welcome to create new artwork for this show using reclaimed plywood/wood provided by the contacts below:

  • Plywood – Madison Kenney has stockpiled plywood that artists can use as substrate.  She can be reached at or 813 470-9677.
  • Reclaimed wood – Schiller Architectural & Design Salvage, 1002 No. Rome Ave., 443-4641, email -, contacts Charlie Schiller, Steve or Heidi.  They will have scraps available for artists, as well as larger pieces of reclaimed wood for sale.  Young artists are particularly welcome.

Additional Events (during the Exhibit) 

Hyde Park Preservation Inc. Home Tour December 3

Hyde Park Preservation Inc (HPPI) will be holding its annual Home Tour on December 3 from 1 to 4 PM.  The focus will be on Fielding Ave (across the street) and the Old Hyde Park Art Center will be a featured stop on the tour.  Typically the HPPI Home Tour draws between 700 and 800 attendees.  Artwork will be for sale during the tour.  This is a great opportunity to display your work to a very wide audience.
Holiday Card Making Reception December 14
TRA will be holding a Holiday Card Marking Reception on December 14th from 7 to 830 PM  The reception will be open to the public, and free.  There will be materials and instructions on how to make your own holiday cards using stamps, collage, inks and paints.  Refreshments will be served.  This should be a fun event giving all attendees a hands-on experience at making art.


For any other questions not addressed above please contact: