Only in Florida Show judged by Tim Gibbons!

Only in Florida Show is our first Florida themed show. Diverse landscapes, palm trees, flamingos, oranges and more. If its in Florida, it is in this all media show! It was judged by Tampa artist Tim Gibbons known for his Funky as a Monkey Art Studio that presents his and other local artists in shows at Pinellas Ale Works and Hidden Springs Ale Works. Tim has taught art at many local centers including Hyde Park Art Studio for 28 years and The Life Enrichment Center for 20 years to name a couple. Here's Tim's sum up of our show:

 “This show "Only in Florida"  has a cool Florida vitality and fun professionalism. A strong presence that exudes a coherent force of color, form and imagination. A wonderful show for all to see and absorb. It lets Florida shine."

Come on out to the Old Hyde Park Art Center to check out this show about our Sunshine State! We are open Tuesday to Sunday from 12-3PM (Closed Mondays) There will be an award reception at our membership meeting on Thursday August 9th at 7PM with a demo by Ashley Cassens to follow. Need not be a member to come and check us out.  

1st_Doug Sutherland_Its a box_oil.jpg


First Place: 


"It's a box" by Doug Sutherland (Oil)



"A wonderful use of color."

HM_Panhandle Pines_Joanna Karpay_pastels.jpg

Honorable Mention: "Panhandle Pines" by Joanna Karpay (Pastels) 


"Florida's Panhandle, great colors."

2nd_First Run_Rick Waldbart_metal sculpture.jpg

2nd Place:


"First Run" by Rick Waldbart (Metal Sculpture)



"A fun 3-D piece."

Without further ado the winners....

All of Tim's feedback about the winners is with each image. 

HM_Leigh Bohne_Collapse_Oil.jpg

Honorable Mention: "Collapse" by Leigh Bohne (Oil)


"Florida swamp, yes."

3rd_Futch's Pride_Jack Yontz_Wood-2.jpg

Third Place: "Futch's Pride" by Jack Yontz (Wood) 



"Florida in a BOX, wow."


HM_Donna Morrison_Gulf Showers_Watercolor.jpg

Honorable Mention: "Gulf Showers" by Donna Morrison (Watercolor) 


"Rainy Florida watercolor"


External Art Call: Thornhill Foundation for the Arts/Art LAB

ArtLAB Edit2.jpg

TRA is helping our pals out at Thornhill Foundation for the Arts by sharing their call for artists and vendors for their 2nd Annual Art LAB. Here artists will paint for a live audience with a set theme and the public will get the chance to vote for a People's Choice! There will be other local artists and vendors as well to get the whole family involved with arts activities at the lovely Carrollwood Cultural Center in Tampa,  underneath the shade of the oak trees on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 11 am – 3 pm.


Deadline to enter is 6:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 14, 2018. 

Click here for more details entry. You can also go to Thornhill Foundation for the Arts website for more information. 

Fin, Fur and Feathers Judging results

Fin, Fur and Feathers is our annual animal kingdom themed show. This year it was judged by Clearwater artist Lorraine Ulen. Lorraine is an award winning artist and is one of the founding members of Art Trysts, a working artist studio in Clearwater, FL that offers open studio, multi-day workshops and ongoing weekly classes. 

 “My world is a constant dance of color, light, texture, form, and the ever-shifting balance between them. My art explores that dance, that balance, and expresses the visceral connection I feel with each subject. It celebrates what I've found in each subject that compelled me to paint and invites the viewer to cut in on the dance..." 

Without further ado the winners....

All of Lorraine's feedback about the winners is with each image.

First Place: "Green Peafowl" by John Guiseppi (Colored Pencil)

  Ewing’s painting takes some time to reveal itself. It is like a vague memory of a special moment, sketched in faintly, and we can really feel the artist searching for both the image and her expression. Ewing is not afraid to take risks and, like our minds or like great poetry, her piece is at once both unclear and very clear. This is abstract painting at its best: mysterious, risky, selective, and beautiful.

"This is a well-executed, elegant piece that cleverly and skillfully uses a limited palette and value range. It has an old-world feel, and evokes  thoughts of beautifully detailed tapestries."


2nd Place: "Great Blue Close Up" by Donna Morrison (Watercolor)

2nd_Donna Morrison_Great Blue Close Up_WC.jpg

"This watercolor piece has amazing energy and depicts the raw power of the bird through the use of both bold color and confident strokes."


Third Place: "The Colonel-Pride of Ybor" by Lynn Rattray (Oil)

3rd_Lynn Rattay_The Colonel-Pride of Ybor_Oil.jpg

"I was initially drawn to the brightly colored face and comb of this rooster, but the many colors of white in the feathers are what sold this piece. The artist has kept a good balance between the brights and whites through the use of the many pops of color in the background and grasses."

Honorable Mentions

"Blue Eyed Muse" by Rick Waldbart (Metal Sculpture)

HM_Rick-Waldbart_Blue-eyed Muse_Metal-Sculpture.jpg

"An incredibly creative use of found materials and impressive artistic vision."

"Crowned Heads" by Ralph Lopez (Watercolor)


"The artist uses delicate washes and suggestions of detail in the background to allow the cranes to be the stars. I was impressed by the skilled application of mixed black and the way the artist moved it subtly from cool hues to warm."

"Circle B Bar Reserve" by Geoff Poole (Photograph)

HM_Geoff-Poole_Circle B Bar Reserve-PH.jpg

"An exceptional capture! It takes a skilled photographer to capture a crisp action shot of this nature."

"Deep Ocean Octopus" by Joanna Karpay (Acrylic)

HM_Joanna Karpay_Deep Ocean Octopus_Acrylic.jpg

"Excellent use of design and color to evoke the natural movement of the octopus."

"Don Quixote" by Deb Biasetti (Watercolor)

HM_Deb Biasetti_Don Quixote_WC.jpg

"This is a delightful painting that uses color, perspective and fun techniques to infuse humor into the piece. It dares you not to smile!"

Forms, Lines, and Colors Winners!

Forms, Lines and Colors (oh, my) was our first abstract, abstracted and abstract expressionist show. It was judged by St. Petersburg artist Nathan Beard. Nathan was a recent recipient of the Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist grant and recently unveiled his "Kintsugi Scrolls" at the former Gulf Coast Museum in Largo at their Emerging Artists New Work Exhibit in October 2017.  According to Nathan, his work:

 " an abstract representation of the fleeting moments of my everyday life and is based upon a recollection of the sensations, colors and spaces I perceived in those moments.  I am inspired by the density and variety of Floridian flora and am conceptually drawn to interweaving layers and its metaphorical application to memory recall and moments of time."

Without further ado....

All of Nathan's feedback about the winners is with each image.

First Place: "The Quiet Place" by Audrey Ewing (Acrylic)

  Ewing’s painting takes some time to reveal itself. It is like a vague memory of a special moment, sketched in faintly, and we can really feel the artist searching for both the image and her expression. Ewing is not afraid to take risks and, like our minds or like great poetry, her piece is at once both unclear and very clear. This is abstract painting at its best: mysterious, risky, selective, and beautiful.

"Ewing’s painting takes some time to reveal itself. It is like a vague memory of a special moment, sketched in faintly, and we can really feel the artist searching for both the image and her expression. Ewing is not afraid to take risks and, like our minds or like great poetry, her piece is at once both unclear and very clear. This is abstract painting at its best: mysterious, risky, selective, and beautiful."


2nd Place: "Genesis" by Gina Stark (Acrylic)

Gina Stark_Genesis.JPG

"The evidence of intent is quite amazing in this painting. Normally, the drip and splatter technique is used with wild abandon, but Stark’s ability to carefully build form with complementary hues, suspended in space, while maintaining the energy of the technique is very impressive in this small work."


Third Place: "Random Intent II" by Sue Downes Allen (Acrylic)

Sue Allen_Random Intent II.JPG

"Downes Allen has created a very strong painting, notable for its definition of space and movement. With a brilliant use of translucent layers, strong contrasts and experimental techniques, the atmosphere she creates is both subtle and tense."

Honorable Mentions

"Kintsugi" by Natalie Shear (Mixed Media)

Natalie Shear_Kintsugi.JPG

"This is an emotionally complex piece that expresses several moments of time in one image. Kintsugi is a Japanese technique used to fix broken ceramics, rendering the repaired object more beautiful than the original because its history is exposed. From this work, we are led to believe that something broke, that it has been repaired, but cannot be completely sure what has been mended – the relationship or the artist’s heartache? This piece is a beautiful poem about love and loss."

"Shadow Dance" by Mary Mirabal

Mary Mirabal_Shadow Dance.jpg

"Mirabal’s use of color is strong and the resolution with which she paints is very admirable. Her composition is well-defined, her application of paint decisive and the way her work is finished and prepared for exhibit is excellent."


"Orange Agate" by Frances Babb

Frances Babb-Tejaswi_Orange Agate.jpg

Babb’s use of a complementary color scheme in this painting is used wonderfully and she has explored the entire palette of red and greens with ease. The different scales of her shapes make for a dynamic composition and the loose way in which she renders them helps transform her source of inspiration into something much more personal and poetic."

Bay Area 11 Winners!

Judge's Statement:

"What amazing energy these artists conveyed, both individually and collectively. I was very impressed with the technical skills of the artists as well as their creativity. The level of excellence clearly apparent throughout this exhibition made my task very difficult. All of these artists should be commended."

   -- Martine Meredith Collier

Best of Show:
 Mary Mirabal "At a Crossroad 2" (Acrylic)

  Best of Show: Mary Mirabal "At a Crossroad 2" (Acrylic)


Best Oil Painting: Craig Todd "Afternoon Break"

ToddCraig1afternoon break.jpg


Best Acrylic Painting: Sue Allen "We Didn't Start the Fire"



Best  Watercolor Painting: Kathy Durdin "Parade Watching"



Best Photograph: Gregg McGough "Sea Urchins"

mcgoughgregg1sea urchins.jpg


Best Other Media: Eric Ondina "Mimetic Rivalry" (encaustic/oil)



Awards of Excellence:

Merit Awards:

Rembrandt 2018 Reception and Results

Rembrandt Children's Show was a huge success! Rembrandt Show had a total of 152 pieces of artwork and 78 artists. Reception shots on our Facebook page. It was a full house!


Judges’ Statements

"I was amazed by the quality of technical skill as well as creativity and innovation of entrants. Very difficult show to judge. All should be proud of their work."
-- Caroll Vick, Director of Education, Arts Council of Hillsborough County

"I am inspired by the level of creativity and technical skill across all the ages. The children in this show have taught me a thing or two in art and everyone should be proud of the work they have done!"
-- Cynthia Lizardi, Director of Exhibitions, Tampa Regional Artists


Award Winners

Best of Show
Abhiram Ganapathiraju "I Can Jump Higher" Pen & Ink, Age 11

Group Ages 5-6 
First Haydon Swanson "Colorful Elephant Tissue" Collage
Second Violet Saladino The Adventures of Kitty Pirate Pencil
Third Angelina Rivera Princess of the Land Gel pen & Colored Pencil
Honorable Mention Shanvi Kodukula Snowman Acrylic

Group Ages 7-8
First Blake Spies "Friends" Acrylic
Second Ethan Bohne "Mr. Rambunctious" Collage
Third Sophie Brugal "Sparkly Sea" Mixed Collage
Honorable Mentions
Micah Goldstein "The Painting of Doom" Marker & String
Presley Bromberg "Dirt Flying Baseball" Oil Pastel
Lia Bensimon "Galaxy" Pastel

Age Group 9-10
Shaunak Valame "Landscape" Acrylic
Second Anirudh Vijayaraman "Boat" Pencil
Third Maddy Flitman "One Handed Donut & Burger" Clay
Honorable Mentions
Evelyn Saladino "The Dead End Colored" Pencil
Adrushya Iye "Fishy" Watercolor
Gaayatri Borra "Landscape" Acrylic

Group Ages 11-12
First Pranav Tammineedi "Nature" Watercolor
Second Rachel Galpin "Celestial Wings" Watercolor
Third Abhilasha Tammineedi "Colorful Dreams" Colored Pencil
Honorable Mentions
Kennedy Bahta "Nascent" Acrylic
Hannah Flitman "Broken Bubblez" Clay
Jacob Kamis "The Art" Acrylic
Ashrith Kolli "Sunset" Acrylic
Esteban Lopez "Shadow in a Hole" Photo
Johnny Schembri "Nature's Yellow Neon" Photo

Age Group 13-14
First Sophia Garcia "Seaside" Acrylic
Second Elizabeth Dhanaraj "Spring Day" Pencil
Third Lauren Meyer "Rough Seas" Acrylic
Honorable Mentions
Nathyn Grae "Catharsis" Ink
Michaela Brown "Afghan Girl" Pencil


"Love is in the Air" Results and Judge's Feedback

The results are in:

First: Kathleen Simon-McDonald "The Street Artists" Watercolor.

Second: Richard Stewart "Cafe Brasilero" Photograph. 

Third: Marie Rice "Vanity I" Oil. 

Honorable Mentions: 

Joose Hadley "Her Beau" Mixed Media. 

Kathy Durdin "Annie I'm still here" Watercolor. 

Leslie Jennings "Victoria" Fiber. 

“Love is in the Air” Judge’s Statement/Feedback:

“Obvious pairs – make you think love. Children playing, couples dining, a heart or an older woman assuring her mate she is still in the next room – quite literally or figuratively. Wonderful variety of interpretation – all showing superb mastery of composition and technical skill.”

1st Place: composition, color, strong value changes to keep focus where you suggest – two kids in the middle of a street market playing with chalk.

2nd Place: depth - sentimental - hard and soft edges – silent communication – may be tired or bored – but it speaks volumes without words.

3rd Place: lights and dark – strong value changes – mastery of fabrics, soft and pearls hard. Reflections = fond memories of days gone by. Sunday morning conviction.

Honorable mentions:

“Her Beau”: hard and soft – loose watery undefined up against stark black and white ink – subservient pose of male probably apologizing to his mother for the choice of his girlfriend – yin and yang.

“Ankie…” Bright ethereal lighting – Is she real or remembered? Is she calling from the present or the past? Reassuring soft smile – gentle gaze – speaks volumes to those that may be a caregiver for Alzheimer’s

“Victoria” Well defined and beautifully executed. Love the attention to shading and keeping the quilt stitch simple – not too much – not too little – but just right.

(Diane Simon)

Congratulations to our winners!

Local Art Call: Figure Drawing Exchange

The judge from our Faces and Figures Exhibition, Douglas Land is organizing a Figure Drawing exchange with artists in Tampa Bay to take place on Saturday March 17th at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg Florida. The only cost is the cost of your copies, please email him to get added to the list so you know how many copies you will need to make. Displayed are some example pages from their 2015 Figure Drawing Exchange (artist Cynthia Lizardi). There are  more details about the exchange below the image:

"Hello, and best wishes for the new year. We will be having our next figure model art copy exchange for 2018 on Saturday, March 17th. The exchange will be at noon at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg. Each artist, or a representative, will need to be present with all necessary copies properly collated and ready to exchange a few minutes after noon. Please allow about 1/2 hour. All exchanged copies will need to be taken after the exchange. We can not hold or store copies before or after the exchange. Additional information will be provided at a later date by email. This will include the total number of copies of each page for all participants, including extra copies for Eckerd and the Morean. The final day to register for the exchange is Saturday, February 24th at the Morean. Registration can be by sign up sheet at the Morean Arts Center or at Eckerd College during their open drawing workshops. This year you may also register by email to Douglas Land at the following email; Please include your name and email address as you would like it on the alphabetical index page. 

The number of pages a participant may include are even numbers of 2, 4, or 6 pages. Once again, they may be in color or black and white and designed as the artist wishes, and only on 8.5" x 11" paper. We only exchange copies, and all rights of use and representation of the images and art remains with the original artist. The cost of making copies for all participants in the exchange is that of the artist. Each participant may then bind the pages as they wish to create their own book. Please do not include images of others, and original text and words of the artist on the pages is fine. All art should be figure based on typical model poses and may be in any format or material. All art should be original and created only by the artist in the past year. Please do not include any art used in commercial purposes or not owned by the creating artist. Don't forget to have your signature on art submitted in the exchange.

The past year we have had two shows associated with the 2017 book exchange. The first was May 13 to July 1 at the Woodfield Fine Art Gallery in St. Petersburg. The second was at the Eckerd College Cobb Gallery from November 5 to December 8. These were both wonderful shows to participate in and we will see about additional gallery shows in 2018. The first figure show many of us may participate in is coming up at the Morean Arts Center very soon in January. Any suggestions or possible show ideas based on this book exchange this year may be sent to Douglas Land at the email noted earlier.

Each participant will receive a front cover, back cover, index page and forward or introduction page. The forward, or introduction page, may be a one page summary of our open model sessions and why we draw the figure. This could be a good opportunity for input and suggestions from others regarding figure art. I will create the index page, and we will be looking for volunteers to create and design the others individually and to provide copies for everyone. Please indicate when you register if you are interested in the front / back covers or forward. If there is sufficient interest, soon after February 14th there will be a drawing from the interested names to select artists for each of the book components. 

Thank you for your past interest and participation in our book exchange project. Should you have questions please do not hesitate to email me or to call at 727-643-2554.

Doug Land"